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Our Mission

Pisara is a start-up company whose mission is to provide affordable and effective solutions to organizations of any scale.

Our Vision

We envision a future where businesses no longer see innovation as something to acquire after they become successful, but a tool to help them get there faster.

Our Products
School Innovation Platform

Monitor student attendance and keep their parents informed seamlessly through our electronic logging system with SMS notifications. Make cashless transactions in your canteen/bookstore with our E-Wallet system.

SMS Integration Software

Expand your market reach with the power of SMS/Text messaging. Send uniform textblasts to inform your customers of your latest promos, or send unique messages to each one of them (perfect for payment reminders).

Electronic Raffle System

Say goodbye to the traditional paper stubs. Conduct and manage raffles electronically with our SMS based raffle platform.

Timekeeping & Payroll Solution

Keep your employees happy with our Timekeeping and Payroll solution. Manage employee records, monitor DTRs, generate payrolls and many more with just a few clicks.

Our Clients & Partners
We would love to hear from you.

For more information, please email hello@pisara.tech or call us at 0917 621 4704. For technical support, please email support@pisara.tech

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